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Flash NDT

Pipe inspection automatic laser measurement system

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The automatic laser and camera testing system APIS-30 is developed for pipeline internal quality testing. The automatic robotic system comprises the C-Check oxidation evaluation subsystem, the L-Check geometric evaluation unit. The robotic unit can therefore perform non-invasive non-contact geometric size measurement at different wavelengths. Apart from the measurement units, the system also includes:

  • Transceiver unit 
  • Power and rear view subsystem
  • pipeline drive robot
  • ALC acquisition unit
  • Software for analysis, report generation, data processing

The system is recommended for:

  • measuring gas shielding welding
  • monitoring oxidation defects monitoring
  • measuring dielectric deposits that are not detectable with conventional NDT

The robotic system is set in motion by a manual push-puller control of 30 m in length that allows an overall measurement distance of 24 m. 

Once the system is laid in the pipe to monitor, it delivers both 2D plane imaging of laser measurement and 3D solid model of weld imaging. The imaging system is calibrated prior testing via the provided calibration block. The control software not only provides the reconstructed inner pipeline imaging, but it is also used for the FPV motion control the data post processing the alignment of the C-Check unit and the report making.

Country of origin: China