• Enhance your NDT hardware with AI capabilities

    FlashNDT is now collaborating with Relimetrics to bring you tailor made solutions for defect detection via advanced image analysis.

    ✅When you purchase NDT hardware from our shop (e.g. borescopes or ultrasonic scanners) we offer unbeatable prices on AI software integration for your application and needs.

    Relimetrics specialises in the development of AI tools that are easy to train and introduce in your test procedures.

    ✅Advanced software technology might sound scary and complex. However do not worry. Integrating Relimetrics AI tools with your NDT hardware is a straightforward and seamless process, minimizing disruptions to your operations. Knowledge of AI or coding is not necessary and software training is extremely straightforward.

    ✅ The synergy between FlashNDT and Relimetrics doesn't stop at the launch. Expect continuous updates and improvements as both teams work tirelessly to enhance the AI software's capabilities based on user feedback and technological advancements.

  • Why you should use AI tools

    In the realm of NDT, precision and innovation are the driving forces behind our progress. With this unique partnership, FlashNDT and Relimetrics have harnessed cutting-edge AI technology to craft a suite of software tools that seamlessly integrate with a diverse range of NDT hardware. Here's why this collaboration is a game-changer:
    Unmatched Precision: These custom AI tools have been meticulously developed to understand and adapt to the unique characteristics of each NDT hardware. This means that your inspections will be elevated to an entirely new level of precision, as the AI intelligently complements and enhances your equipment's capabilities. These tools will support your experienced technicians saving testing time and enhancing defect detection.
    Tailored to Your Needs: No two NDT scenarios are the same. That's why these AI tools are designed with flexibility in mind. Whether you're working with ultrasonic, radiographic, eddy current, or any other NDT method, the Relimetrics AI software is engineered to align seamlessly with your hardware and process.
    Efficiency Redefined: The combination of FlashNDT's hardware expertise and Relimetrics' AI prowess results in an efficiency revolution. These tools accelerate defect detection, classification, and reporting processes, translating into quicker insights and more informed decision-making.

Sample application

Download the following 1 page flyer to know how Relimetrics applies AI to PAUT imaging defect detection!

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