Featured Brands A-Z

The list of featured OEM suppliers of our e-commerce platform. Find here a description, list of certifications and link to our suppliers.
  • Guangzhou Doppler Electronic Technologies Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that is focused on R&D, manufacturing of ultrasonic instruments & transducers (probes) and dedicated to building a renowned world brand of ultrasound.  Doppler has now built world’s advanced production lines, passed ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certification, CE Marking and BS EN ISO 22232 Compliance Verification, and is qualified as one of national-recognized high-tech innovative enterprises.

    Doppler is  in the leading position in the R&D of 1-3 piezo-composite crystal, ultrasonic phased array (PA) instruments & PA probes in China and even in the world. Doppler’s products are not only widely used as an alternative for imported products, but also well recognized by world’s famous companies to which Doppler is developing and supplying related products long term. 

  • Gentos Measurement & Control Co., Ltd was established in 1993, concentrate on fluid measurement field for over 26 years and have accumulated a wealth of experiences. Now we have formed our production system, and become one of the top manufacturers of ultrasonic flowmeters in China.

  • NOVOTEST is a NDT OEM with base in Ukraine. Novotest provides instruments for metal hardness testing, coatings thickness, ultrasonic inspection, magnetic testing, construction materials testing and many other devices. Besides, the design team specialises in the development of customised solutions for any unusual/not standard tasks in the field of quality testing and technical diagnostics. The devices developed by Novotest respect the highest standard and include IP rated, Atex rated ISO/EN/ASTM rated devices.

  • Senseven is an Austrian startup that has developed a new way of nondestructive equipment testing by transforming smartphones into smart and simple mobile inspection solutions. Their solution allows detecting leaks from valves and other industrial assets just by using a standard acoustic emission transducer and a cell phone. This innovative device does not require special training thus operators can take advantage of this technology immediately!

  • SolidNDT was established with the goal of making NDT easier and more efficient to help industries save both time and money. To achieve this, our company developed core technology of portable NDT equipment and system. We see quality as life, from R&D to production, we strictly implement the standards of ISO9001. While providing mature products, we also provide customers with relevant testing training and on-site testing services. With extensive marketing experience in overseas market development, we have established long and stable cooperation with over 50 countries.

  • STARMANS electronics is for almost 30 years a reaserch, engineering and manufacturing company that provides advanced technology products and solutions for nondestructive testing and evaluation, telemetry and power electronics. Starmans develops, designs and manufactures portable ultrasonic instruments and industrial systems for ultrasonic, infrared, magnetic particle inspection and X-ray testing. Telemetric systems used in rail,  gas industry and energy with connecting sensors with wire and non-wire, using IoT (Internet of Things).

    The STARMANS electronics is ISO certified and pro-export oriented. The headquarters of the STARMANS electronics is located in Prague, the Czech Republic, focusing on research, electronic assembling and administration. The STARMANS electronics operates two production plants in CR.

    The division of research solves European funding grants in cooperation with research organisations, e.g. Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and universities and for these reasons we have the equipment for nanotechnologies and microelectronics.

  • Unquake is a company located in Greece characterised by a team of skilled and experienced engineers & developers that came together to serve clients in the building & engineering sectors.

    The team has a solid engineering background enriched with research and innovation DNA. The top product is the UnQuake OMAway. This device makes Operational Modal Analysis simple and cost- efficient without complicated setup or hiring outside help.

  • OMAway accelerograph comes with a software for OMA and offers remote collection of data. Unquake provides a multitude of solutions depending on the project – structure and the structural indicator you want to monitor. The team of Unquake starts from the in house solution of OMAway sensors and software for vibration, earthquake and structural monitoring to a variety of products for monitoring static quantities (e.g. displacement, strain, crack) in cooperation with their partners. Unquake clients can hire Unquake engineers for structural design of concrete, steel, timber and masonry structures according to the Eurocodes. The analysis part is performed with state of the art Finite element model software. Unquake also aid structural engineers to interpret and integrate in a FEM framework the results from periodic monitoring (e.g. extracted dynamic features) and create much more accurate models that are especially helpful in old and historical structures.