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Flash NDT

Accelerograph by Unquake

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Unquake accelerograph is equipped with low noise - low drift MEMS digital accelerometer from Analog Devices. It is particularly suited for (but not limited to) structural health monitoring. The instrument & software is designed as a cost-efficient solution for performing modal analysis and extracting the dynamic characteristics.


Datasheet-certifications list

Accelerometer type: 20 bit Low Noise, Low Drift, Low Power, 3-Axis MEMS

Accelerometer Range:  ±2.0 g, ±4.0 g, and ±8.0 g

Noise density:  25 μg/√Hz

Sampling rates:  ( Hz ) 500 – 250 – 125 - 62.5 – 31.25 – 15.625 – 7.813 – 3.906

Connectors / Indicators 3x SP13 connectors 1x SMA

Female for Antenna GPS 2x

LEDs – operation/GPS + SD operation

IP66 rating for logger and accelerometer casings

Storage SD card up to 128GB

Accelerometer Cable Up to 1.5 m

GNSS antenna cable 3 m

Communication USB (Optional) Getaway node

(Wi-Fi enabled) accessible through web app

Power 12V , 5V


Compliances CE, RoHS



  • Low noise 3-axis digital accelerograph
  • Low noise 3-axis digital accelerograph Sensor in separate casing (optional) for easier installation and noise reduction Internal GPS - GNSS receiver for time stamp and instrument synchronization
  • Easy extraction of building’s natural frequencies
  • Data recording with power bank for up to 7 days
  • Software for setting up & viewing the measurements live and recorded
  • Viewing the measurements live and recorded  
  • Set measurement mode of the accelerograph  
  • Single channel FFT & natural frequency extraction


Devices included in the package

Stand – alone accelerograph (sensor and logger as a single unit, sensor in separate casing) with removable SD card of 64 GB for internal storage, GPS antenna for time stamp of the measurements and all cabling for power and sensor connection.

Warranty valid for 2 years