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Flash NDT


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The ACIS X4 series is a 6-axis fully automated immersion system. It is ideal for the testing of medium size objects of various geometrical shape. This is a universal measurement system characterised by the following main specifications:

  • X axis translation: 1400 mm
  • Y axis translation: 1000 mm
  • Z axis translation: 800 mm
  • Test object maximum outer diameter: 1000 mm

Applications include:

  • Aviation aircraft manufacturing
  • Aircraft engine manufacturing
  • Manufacturing of key aerospace components
  • Special materials, targets, refractory, precious metals
  • Steel Industry: Special Steel Bars, Tubes
  • Purity Testing Institute of Acoustics, Colleges and Universities
  • Electronics and new energy industry

The scanner is certified:

  • ISO-9001 quality system certification
  • ISO-14001
  • ISO-18001 

The winning advantages of an automated and advanced immersion inspection system include:

  • the detection of defects with a resolution higher then conventional ultrasonic inspection
  • the possibility of automatically measure of components of complex geometries with a repeatable and accurate test procedure
  • the integration of advanced inspection in the quality control test procedure
  • increases the chances to detect even the smallest defect!
  • Friendly user control software for automated test analysis and report generation

Specifications include:

Main Functions:

  • Through Transmission for 2D/2.5D pieces and Pulse-echo for 3D pieces
  • Defect-positioning function, easy to analyze defects
  • Real-Time A/B/C/D scans display
  • Available for data storage and review
  • Excellent detection capability for all types of defects

Structural Features:
  • Modular design makes it convenient for maintenance and modification
  • The floating structure makes it run smoothly at high speed
  • Low noise electric system minimized electromagnetic interference
  • Limit devise and probe anticollision device ensure the system running safely
  • High-performance servo motor makes the system preciser and faster
  • Hand-Controller makes operation more convenient
  • Voltage:25~200V
  • Pulse Width:20ns~500ns
  • Impedance:50Ω-660Ω,step:8Ω
  • PRF:1Hz~20KHz
  • Gain:-12~70dB
  • Bandwidth:0.75~25MHz
  • Sampling Frequency:100MHz
  • Number of Channels:2/4/8
  • View:A,B,C,D-scan

Data Analysis:

  • Cluster Analysis--- Defects that exceed standard will be marked and Auto-statistics
  • Histogram Analysis--- Count the points distribution of C-scan
  • Bonding rate Calculation---Calculate the bonding rate of the piece
  • FFT--- Measure the central frequency, peak frequency, and bandwidth of the probe
  • Palette-- gray, color, warm color, RF symmetry, and user defined palette
  • Operation Table:L*W*H=2000mm×800mm×750mm
  • Scanner:L*W*H=2500mm×3600mm×1000mm
  • Maximum Speed: X-Axis 400mm/s,Y1-Axis 400mm/s,Y2-Axis 400mm/s, Z1-Axis100mm/s, Z2- Axis100mm/s,A1-Axis 90deg/s, B1-Axis 90deg/s,B2-Axis 90deg/s
  • Mechanical Precision: X-axis/Y1-axis/Y2-axis/Z1-axis/Z2-axis 0.1mm, A1-axis/B1-axis/B2-axis 0.1deg
  • Positioning Precision: X-axis/Y1-axis/Y2-axis/Z1-axis/Z2-axis ±0.05/300mm,A1-axis/B1-axis/B2- axis 0.1deg
  • Power:110-260V 220V AC/ 32A/5

 Country of origin: China