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  • Active EMAT Transducer EMAT-A1 - Flash NDT
  • Active EMAT Transducer EMAT-A1 - Flash NDT
  • Active EMAT Transducer EMAT-A1 - Flash NDT
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Flash NDT

Active EMAT Transducer EMAT-A1

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Active EMAT Transducer EMAT-A1 new technical improvement for classic flaw detector by electromagnetic acoustic unit and connected to a flaw detector instead of a conventional piezoelectric transducer.

EMA transducer compatible with various ultrasonic flaw detector that enable excitation with a bipolar pulse (any modern flaw detectors have this function).

The transducer can be used with any ultrasonic thickness gauge that enable bipolar excitation of the required amplitude.

The EMAT-A1 transducer enable to bring into force EMAT capabilities thru standard flaw detector function for a reasonable price.

Important note: by purchasing this product you are also sustaining a Ukrainian business

Warranty: 1 year


Key advantages

Active EMAT Transducer EMAT-A1 (universal compatibility with various flaw detectors) expand the capabilities of any flaw detector!

  • Autonomous power supply
  • Wide range of thicknesses measurement
  • Addition almost to any flaw detectors
  • Reasonable price


Availavle angle 0 degree
Type of ultrasonic wave transverse, radially polarized
Connection pattern Separately-combined
Flaw detector generator excitation Bipolar pulse signal at amplitude of 100 V or more
Measuring thicknesses range,mm 0,8…300 (Depends on the flaw detector and available measurement modes. The measuring range was indicated for NOVOTEST flaw detectors)
Power supply Battery size AA or 14500 with a nominal voltage of 1.2, 1.5 or 3.7V