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  • Concrete Rebound Hammer NOVOTEST SH - Flash NDT
  • Concrete Rebound Hammer NOVOTEST SH - Flash NDT
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Flash NDT

Concrete Rebound Hammer NOVOTEST SH

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Concrete rebound hammer (sclerometer) – is a device for concrete and other building materials strength testing. The engineer Ernst Schmidt invented the construction of the sclerometer.

The method is based on the impacting the impact plunger on the concrete surface with predetermined (normed) impacting energy and subsequent measuring of the height of the striker rebounding. The height of the striker rebounding will be proportional to the strength of concrete. The strength of concrete is determined with the calibration charts that are supplied with the instrument.


Concrete Rebound Hammer NOVOTEST SH is very ease in operation, has good reliability of design and high measurement accuracy, so that this method is the most common method of measuring the strength of concrete in the world. The strength testing with the Concrete rebound hammer is correspond with ASTM C 805; ASTM D 5873 (for rock); DIN 1048, p. 2; ENV 206; EN 12 504-2; ISO / DIS 8045.

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Warranty: 1 year

Key advantage

Concrete Rebound Hammer NOVOTEST SH has 3 modifications with different impacting energy, so that user can test all kinds of concrete and other building materials.


Names / model Rebound Hammer NOVOTEST SH-225 Rebound Hammer NOVOTEST SH-75 Rebound Hammer NOVOTEST SH-20
Measurement range of strength, MPa 10 – 60 10 – 60 1 – 25
Impact energy, J 2207 735 196
Minimum thickness of testing object, mm 70 and more 50 – 100 30 and more
Measurement accuracy, % 10
Hardness value of impact plunger working surface, HRC, no less 60
Surface roughness of testing object, Ra um, no worse 40
Radius of impact plunger, mm 25
Operating temperature range, ° C -20 … +50
Weight of the device, kg, no more 1
Gross weight of package, kg 1.9
Dimensions of the package, cm 20*34*10