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  • Analog Shore Hardness Testers by SolidNDT - Flash NDT
  • Analog Shore Hardness Testers by SolidNDT - Flash NDT
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Flash NDT

Analog Shore Hardness Testers - MOQ 10

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Shore rubber hardness gauge is an apparatus to measure vulcanized rubber
and plastic products. This apparatus has three models of Type A, Type C and
Type D, and each model is subdivided into two types of single pointer and
double pointer.
Type A and D respectively are applicable to the testing of low and medium
hardness, and high-hardness materials.
Type C applies to the testing of microporous material which is used to make
shoes, with compression rate 50 percent, stress 0.049 MPa or above, and this
kind of material is made of rubber plastic and has blister in plastic.
This hardness gauge conforms to the regulations of GB/T531-99, GB2411-80,
hg/t2489-93, JJG304-2003.

Price for 10 units


Types Type A Type C Type D
Calibration Value 0-100HA 0-100HC 0-100HD
Resolution 1HA 1HC 1HD
Pressure Head Size Φ 0.79mm SR2.5mm SR0.1mm
End Pressure Head Size 0.55N-8.05N 0.55N-8.05N 0-44.5N
Pressure Needle Range 0-2.5mm
Apparatus Weight 0.3kg

 Country of Origin CHINA