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  • Industrial endoscope SZQ-601D by YKNDT - Flash NDT
  • Industrial endoscope SZQ-601D by YKNDT - Flash NDT
  • Industrial endoscope SZQ-601D by YKNDT - Flash NDT
  • Industrial endoscope SZQ-601D by YKNDT - Flash NDT
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Flash NDT

Industrial endoscope SZQ-601D

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Application and description
1. Auto maintenance: Car engine inspection, Hydraulic components inspection, Valve machine carbon cleaning, Nozzle testing etc.
2. For inspection, boiler, heat exchanger; machinery and equipment manufacturing device;
3. Petrochemical Industry: pipeline configuration, pressure vessel, boiler, heat exchangers and other equipment inspection;
4. Electronic, electrical industry: used for mechanical operation check, parts inspection, and the field of research and development;
5. Gas pipeline: pipeline rust, corrosion, leaking inspection;
6. Aviation, aerospace industry: for turbine, blade, the combustion chamber of a regular checking or body checking, and rocket engine research and development, manufacturing;
7. Iron and steel industry: except for equipment repair and maintenance, but also for the pipe product quality inspection;
8. Railway, shipping industry: for inspection of turbine, heater, diesel engine, boiler flame, pipeline inspection;
9. Construction: check for the steel pipe rust and dirt, walls and other internal diagnosis, steel corrosion condition, bridge joint crack when, can also be used for the tunnel inside hollow, building models;
10. Water pipeline: is used to check the drainage pipe corrosion and plugging of the diagnosis;
11. The power industry: used in nuclear power, thermal, hydraulic station of various types of heat
exchangers, pipelines, turbines and other inspection and maintenance;
12. Water company: used for exhaust pipe corrosion and plugging of the diagnosis;
13. Rescue of disaster and fire fighting rescue, for accident investigation, etc.


Working Voltage 5V
Working Current 600MA/H
Voltage Adapter
Input Voltage 110-220V
Output Voltage 5V-2A
Screen Battery Built-in Li-battery 1200MAH 3.7V
Handle Battery Li-battery
Screen 3.5” TFT LCD QVGA 320 x 240 16.7M color
2.4G Hz Wi-Fi Video Transmission, Wired Video Transmission
Item NO. AV7810A
Tube Dimension D3.8X1000 mm
Probe Dimension Φ3.9mm/6.0mm
Imaging Sensor 1/18" VGA sensor
Effective Pixels 320*240 (NTSC)
Focus Distance 10mm-50mm
View Angle 54 degree Fov(D)
Item NO. AV7810B
Tube Dimension D5.8X1000 MM
Probe Dimension Φ3.9
Imaging Sensor 1/12" VGA sensor
Effective Pixels 720(H)x525(V)(N)/720(H)x625(V)(P)
Focus Distance 20mm-70mm
View Angle 60 degree Fov(D)
Item NO. AV7810C
Tube Dimension D7.8X1000 mm
Probe Dimension Φ6
Imaging Sensor 1/10" Color CMOS
Effective Pixels 712 (H)x480(V)N/720(H)x576(V)(P)
Focus Distance 30mm-100mm
View Angle FOV=60° F2.8/2.42mm with IR cut
Item NO. AV7810D
Tube Dimension D9.3X1000 mm
Probe Dimension Φ8mm
Imaging Sensor 1/4" Color CMOS
Effective Pixels 712 (H)x480(V)N/720(H)x576(V)(P)
Focus Distance 30mm-80mm
View Angle FOV=60° F2.8/2.42mm with IR cut
Image Format JPG BMP JPEG
Photo Format JPEG
Video Format AVI
Function Real time clock with photo and video.
Time label of document saving.
Picture freezing and taking photos in frozen state.
Circulate recording
To enlarge or reduce the maximum: 8 times
Automatic recognition of NTSC/PAL
Composite video output
Memory Card SD CardUp to 32GB
USB Interface USB 2.0
Data Output Video output, connecting to TV and Computer
Language English, French, Germany, Italy, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified
Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean
Host Dimension Screen112 X 82 X 25.5mm
Handle195 X 140 X 45mm
Package Dimension PEtoolbox:40*30*6CM; Color Box


Warranty Period
The whole machine of the Product will be provided with one year warranty for free
commencing from the purchase date of the Product. And paid services shall be provided as per Charging Standards on Paid Services beyond the warranty period.
For the warranty start date, the date on a formal receipt for the purchase shall prevail. If you cannot provide valid purchase certificate and three guarantees certificate (The Company reserves the legal right not to provide the service of three guarantees.), and if a false certificate is provided or the information recorded by a warranty certificate does not comply with that of the Product, then the production date of the Product shall be considered as the warranty start date so as to calculate the
three guaranteesperiod and free warranty period. Except the above information, if other valid ex-factory information of the Product cannot be provided, the Company will not provide free warranty service.

Country of origin: China