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Flash NDT

Magnetic Bias Probes - Mildly Ferromagnetic Tubing Inspection

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Eddy Current testing (EC) is the best method for inspection of nonferrous tubing. It can detect and size defects such as pitting and longitudinal cracks.
In a bobbin probe, two coils are excited and produce a magnetic field that induces eddy currents along the circumference of the tube. Defects in the tube disturbs the eddy current flow and changes the impedance of the coil which is measured by the acquisition unit.

The eddy current bobbin probes are lightweight, economical, but solidly built probes with the coils protected with a plastic sleeve and stainless steel wear guides at front and rear ends. They are ideal for the inspection of heaters, coolers, and heat exchangers.

Due to the high relative permeability of ferromagnetic materials, the penetration depth of the eddy currents in ferromagnetic materials is limited to a few tenths of a millimeter. As a result, defects at the tube side far from the sensor are not detectable by the conventional eddy-current method. Further inhomogeneity may generate high noise due to the different magnetic alignment of the so-called "Weiss domains" in the material.

For the inspection of ferromagnetic tubing using the eddy current principle with superimposed DC field magnetization (magnetic bias eddy current) the effect is used, that the relative permeability of a ferromagnetic material can be changed by a constant magnetic field. The figure shows the structure of an internal eddy current sensor with integrated DC field magnetization.

Our line of EC probes is compatible with standard EC measurement equipment and inspection hardware including the well knowns OLYMPUS (MS5800 and NORTEC), EDDYFI (ECTANE series) and IRIS NDT series.

The advantages of our EC probes are the low costsshort lead timescustomization options and durability.

For customisation options, feel free to contact us via the contact module or at


• Wear-resistant stainless steel guides

• Strong Acetal polymer body

• 4-Pin Amphenol connector (Sensor coils), Banana plugs x2 (Magnetization coil)m



 Country of origin: South Africa

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