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  • Mobile Leak Detection System
  • Mobile Leak Detection System
  • Mobile Leak Detection System
  • Mobile Leak Detection System
  • Mobile Leak Detection System
  • Mobile Leak Detection System
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Flash NDT

Mobile Leak Detection System

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Industrial assets must be inspected regularly to avoid high and unplanned costs. In order to detect defects, companies around the globe spend $ 8 billion on inspection every year.

Senseven has developed a new way of equipment testing by transforming smartphones into smart and mobile inspection solutions. The system is based on the industry-wide established and standardized acoustic emission technology (DIN EN1330-9), combined with digital features.

The key advantages are:

  • It is easy to use
  • Requires no expertise or training courses
  • Is built on a cloud-based infrastructure with open interfaces
  • Uses common smartphones
  • Is equipped with the Senseven App that supports the user during the inspection process and automatically interprets results

The software includes:

The Senseven App: Enables inspection of valves for internal leakage, guides the user through the inspection process and provides automated leak detection

Senseven Expert Suite: : Enables live view of RMS and dB values as well as live audio

Senseven Backoffice: provides an overview of all structured inspections from different locations/plants/machinery in one place assets, stores and analyses data and enables standardized and automated reporting based on ISO 18081. You can get a trend analysis over time if the same valve gets inspected multiple times and you have the possibility to directly connect to other software systems in place

The offer includes:

1 Smartphone Samsung Galay xCover Pro including the Senseven inspection App and charger
2 acoustic emission sensors
1 Seven one - single channel AE measurement device
1 Waveguide for hot and cold surfaces (>150° C and < -50° C)

1 year validity software licence.

The components have following warranty time from our supplier side:
Single channel AE measurement device: 2 years
Waveguide: 1 year
Sensors and cables: 3 months

 Country of Origin: Austria 

An ATEX Zone 1 product will be available in the second half of 2023.