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  • Normal shear wave mode probes - Flash NDT
  • Normal shear wave mode probes - Flash NDT
  • Normal shear wave mode probes - Flash NDT
  • Normal shear wave mode probes - Flash NDT
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Flash NDT

Normal shear wave mode probes - MOQ 5 UNITS

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Conventional ultrasonic contact probe utilise longitudinal waves as mean to execute the NDT measurement. These special probes utilise shear waves to:

-measure shear velocity in test components

-measure the Shear modulus of the test component

-analyse the material grain structure

An advantage of shear waves over standard probes is the possibility of measuring defects closer to the surface as the speed of sound is circa half than the one of bulk waves. This gives the possibility of a better separation between probe excitation pulse and received echo. However remember that:

- shear wave amplitude is usually lower so sensitive can be worst than standard longitudinal transducers

-shear wave do not propagate well in fluids, thus highly viscous couplants are needed.

We offer a range of shear wave probes in the range of frequency 0.5 to 5 MHz. If you do not see the probe of interest in the following list, please contact us and we will customise the product for you!

Delivery time: 4-5 weeks, enquire before purchase.

Country of Origin: CHINA


Note: this product cannot be purchased from Korea, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Peru, Mexico, India, Australia, Pakistan, Turkey, Singapore, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan. Please contact your local supplier if your are located in one of those countries.