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Flash NDT

PA/TOFD scanner

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The perfect scanner for testing welded pipes or weld located in complex geometries. The arms of this scanner are adjustable, in fact, to fit curvature and complex angles. 

This scanner feature a set of brakes that allow the scanner to be fixed at any location, thus making the operator job easier. The scanner also features:

- 4 probes and probes clamping arms

-2 horizontal, adjustable arms

-brake device

-inner water/couplant distribution system

-scanning wheel

-clamp wedge for geometrical adaptability

Standard kits includes:

-2 brackets

-2 foldable horizontal bars

-enconder with 2.8 m cable

-carrying case and test accessories to be defined before purchase

Country of Origin: CHINA

Contact our team before concluding the purchase to discuss the accessories to include for your application!

Note: this product cannot be purchased from Korea, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Peru, Mexico, India, Australia, Pakistan, Turkey, Singapore, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan. Please contact your local supplier if your are located in one of those countries.