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  • PAUT High temperature probes - Flash NDT
  • PAUT High temperature probes - Flash NDT
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Flash NDT

PAUT High temperature probes

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The perfect probe to perform PAUT testing without shutting down plants and allowing measurements on operating components with hot surface up to 150 °C!

These probes are designed with a special front face that allows operation at high temperature while maintaining a good acoustic coupling with the work piece!

This probe is fully customisable and can be also integrated with an angle wedge when necessary. Contact us to fully customise your probe!

Shop nomenclature

[Frequency (MHz)]-[number of elements]-pitch

Delivery time: 4-5 weeks, enquire before purchase.

Price shown for basic probe, customisation to be quoted separetly.

Country of Origin: CHINA

Note: this product cannot be purchased from Korea, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Peru, Mexico, India, Australia, Pakistan, Turkey, Singapore, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan. Please contact your local supplier if your are located in one of those countries.