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Flash NDT

Pipe ultrasonic immersion scanners

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The line of pipe immersion scanners is designed for the automated inspection of pipe of different size and for different industrial applications. 

Applications include:

  • Aviation aircraft manufacturing
  • Aircraft engine manufacturing
  • Manufacturing of key aerospace components
  • Special materials, targets, refractory, precious metals
  • Steel Industry: Special Steel Bars, Tubes
  • Purity Testing Institute of Acoustics, Colleges and Universities
  • Renewable energy

The scanner is certified:

  • ISO-9001 quality system certification
  • ISO-14001
  • ISO-18001 

The winning advantages of an automated and advanced immersion inspection system include:

  • the detection of defects with a resolution higher then conventional ultrasonic inspection
  • the possibility of automatically measure of components of complex geometries with a repeatable and accurate test procedure
  • the integration of advanced inspection in the quality control test procedure
  • increases the chances to detect even the smallest defects
  • Fully automated software
  • Easy installation of large test pieces

Country of origin: China