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Flash NDT

Portable digital magnetic particle flaw detector with Magnetic Yoke

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Our digital portable magnetic flaw detector adopts large capacity lithium battery power supply thus solving the shortcomings of standard 220V power supply magnetic particle detectors. It can function up to 4 hours without recharge and allows the real time monitoring, processing of images, data save, report print and track of inspection results. For its light weight and technical characteristics, this device is especially useful for field application where mobility, light weight and multi-function devices are key for a fast and reliable operation.

Technical Specifications:

Main Unit

Operating Voltage DC 15-21 V

Main unit size 100x204x36 mm

Main unit weight 0,75 kg

Screen size 3.5 inch

Magnetic Yoke

size 174x162x38 mm

range 75-200 mm

weight: 1.5 kg

Comprehensive performance index

Lifting: more than 45N (no less than 5 kg)

Distance between light and workpiece: 100mm

Continuous working time: 4 hours

Illumination: 1000 lx

Light source parameters

Light mode: white and fluorescence

White light illumination > 1000 lx

Fluorescence central wavelength: 365mm

The package includes:

1 Main unit

1 Electromagnetic Yoke

1 Electromagnetic Yoke line

1 Charger

1 Detection management system CD

1 USB cable line

1 Waist Pack

 Warranty: 12 months for main unit 

Country of Origin: China