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  • Starmans PAUT DIO 1000 SFE - Flash NDT
  • Starmans PAUT DIO 1000 SFE - Flash NDT
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Flash NDT

Starmans DIO 1000 SFE

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    New  generation of  electronic components, fast micro-processors and our long-term experience in manufacturing of ultrasonic instruments enabled us to develop really advanced revolutionary ultrasonic flaw detector Defectobook® DIO1000 with the best parameters and functions.


    • Well balanced between ergonomics and functionality: easy solutions for your daily applications in workshop, laboratory and outdoors. Due to its adjustable handle, the instrument sits stable on any surface you encounter, even on round parts.
    • Large bright color LCD screen 1024 x 768 pixels, excellent visibility on the direct sunlight.
    • Optimum performance and extended connectivity.
    • Lightweight 1,28 kg / 3,04 lbs and just 34 mm thin.
    • The DIO 1000 combines the powerful  advantages of digital design with the detailed dynamic echo information to bring back the “analog look and performance”, using sampling rate of 200 MHz.
    • Direct access to 12 main functions.
    • Burst pulser selectable and tunable for optimum probe matching to satisfy a wide range of tough-to-penetrate applications.
    • EMAT for non-contact testing.
    • Trigonometric flaw  locatio n functi on wi th curvature correction automatically calculate s depth, surface distance and sound path to flaw along with the leg of the inspection when using angle beam probes. All TOF measurements can be displayed in mm, inches or μs.
    • Standard DAC, JIS-DAC, AVG, API, Automatic Thicknessmeter, Auto Gain, Auto Freeze, Automatic  Calibration, Curved Surface Measurement.
    • Weld rating calculation simplifies the rating of indications in welds according to AWS Specification D1.1.
    • B-scan imaging – thickness mode or RGB palette.


    • Tests for Damp heat / Humidity as per norms EN 600-2-78;02; EN 60068-1
    • Vibration tests as per norm EN 60068-2-6 ed 2:08
    • Shock tests as per norm EN 60068-2-29:1996+Z1:10

    Country of Origin CZECH REPUBLIC